a person leaves behind trinkets, buttons, dust.
a people leave their homes, the markings of their movements, the handmade mountains and erosions of millenia.

is a walking sim. explore the world. click to move.

map made with mushy tilepack, tiles generated from other open source tiles by a neutral network, by Everest Pipkin - https://everestpipkin.itch.io/mushy

the soundtrack:
by luka prinčič https://music.lukaprincic.si/track/swallows
The second one by Monplaisir https://chezmonplaisir.bandcamp.com/track/the-second-one
Just Romantique by Luka Prinčič https://music.lukaprincic.si/track/just-romantique
The first one by Monplaisir https://chezmonplaisir.bandcamp.com/track/the-first-one


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the musical selection and almost impressionist like visuals come together to make a neat and soothing experience!


There's alot to say about this game, it's really cool; and the music is fantastic!


The lo-fi voxel maps remind me of those isometric games that used to be the norm in the 90s, I'll have to look into the tileset! And the idea of roaming a deserted city makes for a cool walking simulator, if fairly inert. Nice job! 


incredibly lovely. thank you


This game is so surreal and atmospheric, yet very relaxing and pretty. Something I especially love is the music. Great job to Luka prinčič and Monplaisir for it! Exited to see what you'll do next.


Cool little game. I love how colourful the colour palette is for it, makes me keep wondering what I'll see next~