CrossSkitch is a drawing tool styled after cross-stitching. Use your mouse!

"To my Mummo:
with her bottled mountain air,
gutting fish and cribbage hands,
and memories I haven't learned the language of -

For my crafty family - especially my Great Grandma (Mummo), and my Grandma (Nana) and mom (Mom). Inspired by our Karelian heritage, which I am still discovering.

So much thanks to the many friends and teachers, and community at Mastodon.ART for inspiring me and supporting me, especially the Curator, without whom this seriously wouldn't have been possible.

There's a lot of love for this little thing, because I worked on it over a couple years, as I was (and am) recovering from some heavy heavy depression. I never thought I'd make it this far, so this is kind of my celebration! So, extra thanks to all the other queers out there for making this world great to be in!

all music from album 'It's time for adventure vol 2' by Monplaisir, who you should check out here if you're looking for really fantastic free music for your games!
Opening theme - Balance.
Soundtrack, in order: Chill Out Theme, Something to save, Dreaming of you, Time, Victory, and Balance again.

Most fabric sound effects from this sample
New canvas sound effect from this sample
Thread holder hovering sound from this sample

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(12 total ratings)
Made withAudacity, GameMaker: Studio
Tagsartgame, Casual, Cute, Drawing, Feel Good, GameMaker, Mouse only, Painting, Pixel Art, Relaxing


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This is too cute ^_^

Such a beautiful and relaxing tool. From the music to the visual design to the description, every bit of it has heart and soul poured into it. It's gorgeous.